Let’s leave. We plan on meeting new people, moving around water, moving around mountains. I want to sit by your side on a slow train in Portugal, with bags and maps, heading into the unknown. We’ll choose the colors of our sunsets on rooftops by the ocean while a Portuguese guy will be playing Fado music in the street. Let’s live life as we were some characters of a Wes Andersen movie for a few days. Hide with me on the back sit of tram 28, listen to random conversations in a language that feels like music and window watch life in Lisbon. Let’s be friends with some total strangers and write their stories in our own way. And then leave again. If you feel we haven’t seen everything in one place, remember that’s a good thing. Cities, like people, are infinite. Find a new city and get lost. Forget your phone and maps and money and come away with me. Do bring your camera. It’s like a pair of glasses for the heart.

Traveling south feels crimson and turquoise and maize. I can’t see the colors of all our travels. Don’t know who we’ll meet there or the pain in our feet after walking hills and streets and hidden neighborhoods. Let’s unwrap this gift. Come and meet us. Show us your city, your culture. We’d love to photograph you and your love in one of your favorite places. We’re in for traveling anywhere.

We are available for destination Weddings, couple sessions or proposals. Contact us and let’s create something beautiful together. So far we photographed weddings & portrait sessions across Europe. If you don't see your city or your future destination on our list, don't worry, we’re always looking forward to seeing new places and have new adventures.

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