About us

This is who we are and what we do

We’re Dragos & Laura, international wedding photographers, adventurers, believers, father & mother, husband & wife. We’re based in Transylvania, a wonderful region in Romania, and we’re happy to travel anywhere for weddings and portrait photography. If you’d like us to tell your story, contact us.

Belief/ Manifesto

We’re fascinated by people, drawn by light. What we really love is the spontaneous. The true story. You being you. That’s where real beauty lies, waiting to be discovered and documented. We love when everything aligns for the perfect shot. Seeing you through the lens in that fraction of a second before pushing the button gives us a boost of happiness. Those moments are gifts. And we never forget that what is essential is invisible to the eye.



How it all started

10 years ago, at the doorstep of a Biblical College in Kolding, Denmark, I found an envelope with 400 euro and this note:



I never found out who gave me the money, but what I do know is that ever since then my life gravitates around photography and I feel that I have a duty in front of God to give my best. The note said that my expectations of what God can do in my life shouldn’t be small. Looking back in time I am always surprised of the way He gave me much more that I expected.



So far we photographed weddings & portrait sessions across Europe. We’re always looking forward to seeing new places. We’re in for adventure, for traveling worldwide. Come and meet us. Show us your city, your culture, yourself.

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Many of the Weddings and portrait sessions photographed by us were published on the most inspirational wedding blogs worldwide (Style Me Pretty, Rock’n Roll Bride, OneFabDayYou May French Kiss the Bride, Le Magnifique, French Wedding Style, Fly Away Bride, So Lovely Moments, Roulez Jeunesse, Glitter & LaceLapis de Noiva, Loveolio, Brides Without Borders) We’ve also been featured in magazines like ELLE Mariage and Revista Mireasa.




What inspires us the most is the human being, people sharing love, unknown persons in the street, light, nature, music, great stories, simplicity, all things beautiful and God.

When we’re not shooting, we are…

Exploring, dreaming, riding our bikes, playing games, reading and writing.

Random things about us:

♥ Dragos can play football non-stop with so much dedication. Or almost any other sport, anytime 🙂

♥ Laura still has butterflies in the stomach at each wedding and hides her tears of joy behind the camera

♥ Dragos has a great talent as a motivational speaker

♥ Basically, all we eat is pizza 🙂

♥ Laura loves childhood books and plans on writing one some day

♥ Our favorite TV Show is by far FRIENDS

♥ We love games

♥ We had our own wedding in 2012

♥ We have two awesome boys – David & Rafael

Hey! We can’t wait to find out about you and your wedding. Get in touch now or see more of our work.